Anyone who has ever had an issue with their HVAC system can appreciate a regularly maintained unit. AC coil cleaning is just another aspect of that system.

Your system has two different coils inside of it, evaporator coils to remove humidity from the air and a condenser coils to expel heat. It is important to clean these coils because once they are filled with dirt and debris, they cannot effectively do their job. A lot of problems can arise from poorly cleaned coils.  If you don’t include coil cleaning in your maintenance care, some of the consequences that can arise are:

High Energy Bills

If your coils are dirty, your system will try to work harder and longer to do its job. A clean system means a well running system, and your energy use will be adequate. Dirty coils can significantly increase your energy bill.

Shortened Life Span

Overworking your system is a great way to shorten its lifespan. You may find yourself replacing your HVAC system if you don’t do proper check ups regularly. Something as simple as cleaning your coils is an important step to keep your AC running at optimal speed.


With parts of your system not working and your AC working in overdrive to get the job done, the strain on the system is likely to lead to hiccups in the system and potential breakdowns.

Costly Fixes

Cleaning your AC coils pays for itself in the long run. Avoid costly upgrades or fixes when your system breaks down AND save more in energy savings, lower repair bills, and an increased lifespan of your whole unit.

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